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Awakenings Sober Living for Women

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Client Testimonials

My name is Leslie Lacy and I was a 7 month resident of Awakenings sober living home for women. It is evident simply by driving onto the property that God's hand is at work on the grounds there. The removed location allows for peaceful reflection at any time of day and the indoors have been beautifully furnished to allow the women that come through the doors a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing place to grow mentally and spiritually. All of the physical beauty and peace surrounding this house can easily speak for itself, but the most beautiful thing that happens here is what goes on in the hearts of the women I've been privileged to live with here. We all come through the doors broken, desperately searching for peace and a new way to live. This is the most valuable thing that I've acquired in my time at awakenings. I've laughed, cried, and forged invaluable friendships while living there and God has shown me how to not only be an accountable woman after his heart, but also how to be a better friend and love people exactly where they are. I am so fortunate to have spent my early recovery in this beautiful home and I thank God that the doors and arms were opened for me when I was ready to walk into them! Thank you for my recovery

- Leslie L.-

Awakenings was the best stepping stone that help start my new life. God blessed me with serenity and strength that I never had. The friendships and love with strong support gave me beauty in life once again. Thank you all for the new awakening in my life.

- Stacey H.-

I am so incredibly grateful for Awakenings. I have not felt comfortable and secure in my entire life. For the first time in my life I can look in the mirror and see me. I feel so very safe. I know without a doubt that GOD put me here. I love it.                                                                                            -Selena-

I moved into awakenings when I got out of treatment, and though I was sober still had many behavioral issues. Awakenings helped me have accountability, structure, and cleanliness. I also had healthy and supportive relationships with other sober women for the first time in my life. God is present in all aspects of this house !!! Awakenings was a huge blessing to my life !                                                                                                 -Allison T-

Awakenings is lighting the fire under me that is mandatory for building me into the woman I am wanting to be. This place has saved my life. I forever grateful.                                                                                        -Brittany B-

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